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Canning Supplies

Home Food Storage and Canning


We have everything to do your home canning projects. Maybe if we're really helpful, you'll bring us a jar of homemade jam!


All the Necessary Supplies...


If your a gardener or just have an abundance of fruits and vegetables, you'll love our canning supplies. We stock more than anyone in the area! Jars from 1/2 pints to 4 gallon. Water bath canners, pressure canners, lids, pickling supplies, food mills, apple peelers, juicers and all the accessories you need to put up your bounty. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you as well. We may not know why they call it canning when you put your food in jars, but we can help you out just the same!


Aisle 6

Department Location


Canning supplies are located in aisle 6 within the housewares department. You may also get an idea where your items are before you come in by checking the Store Map