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Lawn & Garden

We Want Loveland Full of Beautiful Yards


We love the spring and summer, when things start turning green and the store starts some doing some lawn care business. Whatever your lawn, garden, our other outdoor needs are, we are pretty confident we can help you out. Whether you need a green thumb or someone who has dealt with those pesky mice, spiders, or bugs, we're here.


Lawn Care


In order to help your lawn be the the most green in the neighborhood, we stock all of the different stages of fertilizer (in multiple brands) that should be used throughout the year as well as all types of grass seed and lawn sprinklers. We stock lawnmowers in all price ranges including Toro, MTD, Black & Decker, White Outdoor, and ACE brands as well as reel mowers. We stock a huge variety of of both hose and buried system sprinklers and parts. Let us know your lawn needs and we are happy to help.


Pest Control


Whether you are running into problems with insects (house or garden), rodents (mice, rats, and other small mammals), or deer/dogs and other large animals we have products to help. We have a full line of chemicals for ants, spiders, and other insects. We have traps, poison, and sonic repellents for rodents and both traps and repellents for larger animals.




Plant food, potting soil, tomato cages, and many other items are in stock to provide for your gardening needs. Additionally, we have a huge selection of watering options including all the parts you need to build or repair your drip system as well as root feeders and hose accessories. We can handle your gardening needs, come give us a shot.



Department Location


Lawn and garden items are located in aisles 25 and 26 in the front center section of the store. Additional items such as pots and tomato cages are in the front foyer. You may also get an idea where your items are before you come in by checking the Store Map