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Plumbing Parts Plus Plumbing Knowledge


Got a toilet that just won't stop running? A drippy faucet? Sprinkler heads that water you more than the lawn? A bathroom sink drain, that doesn't. Come see us. We've been there too. We know what's going on and we can help you get the right parts to make things right again. That being said, we will likely see you more than once in your project. Plumbing projects are notorious for being persnickety and making you go to the store three or four times. We'll try and alleviate that as much as we can and we encourage you to buy more fittings than you think you'll need, because you'll probably need them anyway.


Pipe and Pipe Fittings


We have both pipe and a wide, WIDE array of fittings in all of the major materials including PVC drain, PVC schedule 40, ABS, black iron, galvanized, sprinkler pipe, copper, brass. and gutter. Additionally, we have a full selection of flexible tubing including clear plastic, copper, aluminum, and various rubber materials. If you have specific questions please make sure you Contact Us.


Faucets, Showers, and Toilets


If you need to repair your faucet, we have all the parts to fix all the common faucets and most of the uncommon ones including washers, o-rings (in sizes from .25" to 16", super thin to super thick, metric and standard), stems, handles, aerators, screens, drain parts, and whole bunch of the faucets themselves. Same for shower parts. We also have everything to repair your toilet including the basic flappers and fill valves plus repair kits, toilet seats, toilet bolt sets, several styles of wax rings, floats, and toilet handles.


Sprinkler Systems


Again, we have far too much to list. However, to give you an idea, we have full lines of sprinkler heads (Rainbird, Toro, and others), sprinkler pipe, barbed fittings, sprinkler valves, risers,etc. If you have specific questions please make sure you Contact Us


Home Heating and Air


We stock all the thermocouplers, registers, swamp cooler parts, and much more to solve your heating and cooling problems. We stock a huge assortment of furnace and air-conditioning filters. If you are having trouble finding the size you need, give us a try, we'll likely have it in stock. Same can be said for swamp cooler pads and parts to keep you cool in the summer.


Aisle 18

Department Location


The plumbing parts are located in aisles 14-20. You may also get an idea where your items you're looking for are before you come in by checking the Store Map



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