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Some Things We Just Can't Keep All Year


If you haven't been in for a few months, there is almost no doubt the front center section of the store looks different than last time you visited. Whether you need a new mower in spring, snowblower in winter, top soil in summer, or Christmas lights in December... you guessed it, we want to help.


The Helpful Hardware Folks for all of your season change needs:


  • Lawn and Garden - All of the items necessary to have greener grass the neighbors and to grow the best tomatoes in town.
  • Dirt & Bark - Dirt, bark, peat, fertilizer and more by the sack full.
  • Winterizing - Ice melt, snow shovels, heat tape, and snowblowers to help with the Colorado winters
  • Heating & Cooling - Get parts to hook up the swamp cooler, a fan for the garage, or a space heater for the workshop
  • Christmas & Holidays - Lights, gifts, gift certificates, and all kinds of other holiday stuff


Aisle 26

Department Location


Click on the individual departments above for more information and the location within the store of each. Seasonal items are generally located in aisles 25 and 26. You may also get an idea where your items are before you come in by checking the Store Map