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Ace Addresses Product-Related Honey Bee Health Concerns

The topic of bee health and insecticides has become a hot topic in the press and social media over the past several weeks. Specifically, a particular class of chemicals found in some products called neonicotinoids has been at the center of the issue for some activist groups. In addition, neonicotinoids are currently being evaluated by environmental agencies to further determine what effects they have on honey bee health.

Ace Hardware has been closely monitoring issues related to bee health and the varied viewpoints related to stressors on honey bees. These factors include poor nutrition, lack of forage, presence of parasites and disease, transportation, overwintering and exposure to pesticides.

To address the concerns surrounding neonicotinoids and their impact on pollinators such as honey bees, Ace Hardware is willing to move away from the sale of products containing these chemicals as new and appropriate replacement products are offered by its suppliers.