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To our neighbors and loyal customers of Orchards Ace Hardware

Here at Orchards Ace Hardware we stay open for you during blizzards, deep freezes, torrential rains and winds. While we have never faced anything quite like this Coronavirus scare, we want to reassure you that we plan to keep meeting your needs and fulfilling the trust you have put in us to be your neighborhood resource for decades. We are closely monitoring national, state and local guidelines and we have implemented some immediate changes to our operations that we want to share.

Running a Clean Store

We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of our baskets, carts, counter, and surfaces throughout the store multiple times each day. Our employees are washing their hands frequently and staying home if they feel sick or if their kids are.

Staying in Stock

We know some items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and household cleaners are in short supply. We are actively working with Ace Hardware Corporate’s replenishment planners to secure additional supplies of these items as soon as possible. These shortages are temporary. More is on the way. When we have replenished, we ask you to buy only what you need and not stock unnecessarily so these products are available for your neighbors as well. 

In-Store Pickup

If you are in one of the high-risk groups, we encourage you to take advantage of ordering on acehardware.com. When you order, you can pick up your items within one hour. We will even meet you at your vehicle in front of the store if you wish. Or you can call us at (970) 663-2230, let us know your name, what you ordered, and that you are waiting out front. We will bring your purchases to your car in less than 10 minutes.

Home Delivery

We have offered delivery for years. We will still gladly deliver your purchase to your home especially if you are self-quarantined. Order what you need on acehardware.com and we will deliver it to you as quickly as possible. If instructed, we will leave your items at your front door no signature required and email you a picture of completed delivery.

We thank you for your loyalty and support. We appreciate your trust and the opportunity that you have given us to serve you.

The Orchards Ace Hardware Team