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Smoke Alarm Maintenance

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, “In 2005-2009, roughly two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties without working smoke alarms.” Some of these tragedies could have been avoided with some simple steps:

Test smoke alarms monthly. Simply press the test button on the alarm. If it does not work, replace the battery. And if that doesn’t do the trick, replace the alarm.

Replace batteries yearly. Many people do this when they turn their clocks back for Daylight Savings. 

Replace your alarms every 10 years to take advantage of the latest technology and ensure working equipment.

Make sure you have smoke alarms on each level of your home, outside each sleeping area and inside each bedroom.

Interconnect your alarms so that all of them will go off when one detects a fire. Many newer homes are hard-wired this way. Alarms utilizing wireless technology are also available.

Come up with an escape plan and practice it so that everyone knows what to do if the alarm sounds. This includes planning two escape routes from every room.

Consider using a mix of Ionization and Photoelectric alarms in your home. Ionization alarms are more responsive to flaming fires and Photoelectric are better for smoldering fires. You can accomplish this with the mix of alarms in your home or by purchasing detectors with both types of technology included.

Avoid disabling a smoke alarm if it is “chirping” or going off unnecessarily. Replace the batteries or the alarm as soon as possible.

Just a little time and effort each year can help protect your home and family in case of fire.